“God, I’m scared.”

I do not take change lightly. I never did, not even as a little girl like when my family had to relocate on three separate occasions, and I cried myself to sleep every. single. night for about a month after each move. I wish I were kidding; I was just never good at readjusting to… Continue reading “God, I’m scared.”

Tomorrow may never come.

As I woke up today and rolled around in bed, I thought to myself, "what if I didn't wake up today?"  With that thought echoing in my head, I quickly got out of bed and thanked God for allowing me to open my eyes today. I will always be thankful for life and it's crazy… Continue reading Tomorrow may never come.

A breath of fresh air.

Today is June 1st. The first day of a new month, a month in which we are given endless possibilities. I am so thankful for that; for being able to wake up to a fresh start. We don't have to wait until New Years Day to make a change in our lives - we can make that decision… Continue reading A breath of fresh air.